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Experience the world of hypertrance with this all-new samplepack developed by nuphory. From Virtual Self - styled leads to Alphazone / Y2K influenced hardtrance loops, the hypertrance samplepack delivers high quality samples and presets developed by producers, for producers. Tired of having to sift through outdated, unoptimized sample packs? Whether you're an advanced user or just starting out, the hypertrance samplepack provides mixed and matched neoy2k samples for maximum efficiency in the studio, saving you time and energy so that you can focus on what matters - nailing that sound. Our presets and samples require no additional paid software and are compatible with all DAWs, ensuring barrier-free access on every platform. Try our free sample pack demo today!



763 MB

54 MIDIs


voltra I especially love the drums and effects; they really were the finishing touch that my track 'Lone Void' needed. Couldn't recommend it more, regardless of whether or not you make trance.
SUBLAB One of the best modern high-energy trance packs in my collection! Punchy kicks, powerful top loops, and captivating melodic content give you all the tools you need to create your next trance banger.
jamesjamesjames my ears have been blessed, my skin has cleared, my crops are watered, my children are fed, my caps are capping, my melodies are euphoric, my nose is bleeding, my eyes are rio filter, the sun is setting, my friends are dancing, I kiss them on the dance floor, we are listening to hypertrance vol 2 LOL
Type R genuinely the sample pack of all time if you care at all about trance. every song i've made since this pack came out has used at least one sample or preset from it i don't remember the last time a sample pack was so good that using it felt like cheating
Bendel Hands down the ultimate entryway to the vast world of hypertrance. Highly recommend to both newcomers and veterans alike.
Shirobon This sample pack is quintessential to anyone with an interest in produce Hypertrance. Perfectly crafted. All corners conquered.
disctr4k A sample pack that stands out alot. Amazing textures, thumping sounds and phenomenal sound design from the best.
crayvxn i love how powerful, fresh and diverse these sounds are. I always use it for building the base of my tracks since the sounds are all pre-mixed, so it's definitely going to help accelerating your production!
oxygenetiX The HTS pack is perfect to add an instant modern yet nostalgic Trance/Hard Trance touch to your tracks. Having a deep bond to the era myself, I love how the pack brings back authentic 2000s sounds in a high quality manner with high attention to detail.


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demo 1 / Violet Delta & Eyhz

demo 2 / Walras

demo 3 / G4TE-16

demo 4 / shadeux

demo 5 / crowit

demo 6 / sh0wtime

demo 7 / nuphory & Luna Lenta

Uniquely edited screenshot of a Vital window, displaying one of the many presets included in the Hypertrance Sample Pack.


Looking for that huge, anthemic trance breakdown sound? We provide dozens of clean FX sounds that can be layered into one another without any effort. No more messy playlists and automations, our effect sounds work together out of the box.

HTS Boom Kicks

HTS Verbclaps

HTS Noisesweep

HTS Combined FX

Uniquely edited screenshot of an FL Studio Playlist, featuring a number of Waveforms of Bass Samples included in the Hypertrance Sample Pack.


From offbeat-handsup styled basslines to arpeggiated trance basses, the hypertrance samplepack not only gives you timbres that cut, but sub basses that cleanly underpin your whole mix. All sounds are delivered with their respective presets for further customization.

HTS Arp Bass

HTS Hard Bass

HTS Break Bass

HTS Sub Bass

Uniquely edited screenshot of an FL Studio Browser featuring the Sample Preview window and a list of Samples included in the Hypertrance Sample Pack.


The hypertrance samplepack includes a wide variety of different synth sounds, each including both .wav files and presets, which work on every platform and every DAW. All sounds come pre-EQd to fit into your mix and are fully customizable for your specific needs.

HTS Leads & Bass 01

HTS Leads & Pads 01

HTS Leads & Bass 02

HTS Leads & Pads 02

Uniquely edited screenshot of an FL Studio Playlist, featuring a number of Waveforms of Kick Samples included in the Hypertrance Sample Pack.


The quickest way from a blank project to a banging beat. Our loops come pre-mixed to turn mixing a complicated trance beat into a simple thing anyone can do. Enjoy our fully mixed loops, or assemble your own from our broad selection of over 60 drumloops.



HTS Perc Loop

HTS Full Loop

Uniquely edited screenshot of an FL Studio Browser featuring a list of "Drums" Directories included in the Hypertrance Sample Pack.


Ever tire of trying to build a nice, clean, basic kick? Our pack provides not only that, but also custom layers for you to assemble your unique kickdrum, without having to worry about complicated mixing techniques. Create and tweak your ideal kick in seconds.

HTS Trancekick

HTS Sizzle Layer

HTS Transients

HTS Kick Combined

Uniquely edited screenshot of an FL Studio Playlist, featuring a number of Waveforms of FX Samples included in the Hypertrance Sample Pack.


Sifting through hundreds of different claps, hats and percs, just to find one that works, can be tiring. We aim to provide you with samples that focus on doing one thing only, and doing it well. All of our drums are mixed and matched so that you can freely pick your favorite.

HTS Rides & Hats

HTS Claps & Hats

HTS Club Snares

HTS Buildup Snares

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Couldn't find the samples you were looking for? Join the hypertrance Discord, where we'll be pushing regular updates to the samplepack, entirely free of charge. All legitimate owners of the samplepack will be able to suggest what to include in future expansions.

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